Paediatric Gait Training Adelaide

LiteGait - Gait Trainer

At Moving Kids Physio, our paediatric physios offer specialised gait training using the LiteGait and GaitKeeper Rehabilitation treadmill at our Goodwood clinic.


LiteGait is a gait training device that simultaneously controls weight bearing, posture, and balance over a treadmill or over ground. It creates an ideal environment for treating patients with a wide range of impairments and functional levels.

LiteGait provides proper posture, reduces weight bearing, eliminates concerns for balance, and facilitates the training of coordinated lower extremity movement. Its unique harness design not only permits unilateral or bilateral support allowing progression of the weight bearing load from non to full weight bearing, but also allows the clinician to manually assist the legs and pelvis to achieve proper gait patterns.

GaitKeeper Rehabilitation Treadmill

The GaitKeeper Rehabilitation Treadmill is the perfect treadmill for children of all abilities. Designed to seamlessly work with the LiteGait, or simply on its own, this treadmill caters for a wide range of children.

This treadmill has numerous functions which are beneficial to your child's gait training and rehabilitation including forward and backwards directions and incline control to give the feeling of walking up or down hill. With controls that are easily accessible by a clinician while assisting a child, and a true zero starting speed for safety with children of all functional levels.

Please get in touch to discuss if this approach is suited to your child.